Unrelenting Book Promo: 3 C’s of a Book Publicity Project:

You’ve written your book, now what? You are an author: REAL! But, you are now likewise a book promoter! That is the VIBRANT fact that you need to understand. As an author handling your very own PR Project, PR success can be gotten. Here are 3 methods to make sure exposure and trustworthiness with your PR efforts. I prefer to call them the 3 C’s of a Book Publicity Campaign:

Consistency – Having between one and two media appearances (radio show, TV or print) will NOT escalate your book to a best sellers list. As an author responsible for your own PR efforts, it will take more than a few appearances. It takes months and consistent publicity to have your media outreach efforts reward; in some cases even longer. However, you need to stick with it and be consistent. A lot of times when you see authors make appearances on significant programs like the Oprah Show, Regis & Kelli & GMA; & GMA; that buzz began regionally. It is important to build the buzz around you, your hometown then regional/statewide.
Covet regional press – There are some golden chances to covet your local and local press. Do not make the mistake of ignoring this opportunity. Authors all desire that coveted title “New York city Times Finest Sellers” status. But, oftentimes, that takes place due to the local buzz and regional support of local media. People will like to cheer for you and your book success. If you get coverage, your hometown or state gets protection too. It’s nostalgic and heart-warming for the town, the state and the author. Covet the local press and do not count them out. Both have across the country reach.
Imaginative Pitch – Does your book have a current event style? Can it be connected to a business situation presently occurring in the news? What remains in the news? Be sure you know what reporters, reporters and the media is discussing BEFORE you call to pitch a story to them. For example, if your book is on “Enduring Divorce”, possibly you pitch a story to the media during Valentine’s Day about “Four methods to like your method through the divorce”. This imagination can certainly land you in the news, as the majority of the stories will have to do with “love, finding your mate, commemorating love … and so on. A lot of times, the media requires a twist on a story … make it imaginative. Make it appropriate, prior to your pitch.
CONGRATS on your PR efforts! Carrying out these 3 C’s above will include value to your project approach.

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