The greatest error authors make when aiming to secure free promotion is pitching either themselves or their books.

Do not pitch authors! Pitch problems. Do not pitch books! Pitch whole shows.

Example: If you wrote a book about how kids of divorced moms and dads suffer long-term effects well into adulthood, don’t attempt to entice TV producers with the book. Attract them with a whole show around the topic of “Children of separated parents: Do they ever recuperate?” Then recommend two or 3 other visitors who connect into your subject and could be spoken with, ideally someone who is on the other side of the concern. If you can do that, you’ve just offered producers an idea for an entire program, and they’re more likely to bite since you’ve done their work for them.

Here are 6 more book promotion ideas:

— Be sure you have a good quality professional picture of yourself. I’m surprised at the number of authors I write stories about who do not have pictures I can use.

— Utilize a “suggestion sheet” in your media kit that connects into your topic. Example: You compose a book about the best ways to discipline children. Your idea sheet might be something like “9 Tips for Calming Your Kid’s Tantrum.” Each tip ought to be no longer than one or two short sentences. The media like these ideas due to the fact that they can reprint them as a sidebar to a longer story. See Unique Report # 16: How to Write Tip Sheets That Catch the Media’s Attention

— If you have a website, position the author’s image and updated contact info at the site. Often when attempting to get in touch with an author, I go to their site and after that search in desperation for contact details.

— Don’t be afraid of controversy when it comes to book promotion. The more questions you are willing to be, the higher your chances of coverage by the media, particularly broadcast. Radio displays, in particular, do not want only light. They want heat.

— The author ought to write an opinion column taking a strong stand on one side of a controversial issue that ties into the topic of the book. Then target the column to the publication that reads by individuals who you want to buy your book.

— If you want to enter a particular publication, call the marketing department and request a copy of their totally free Editorial Calendar. This is a listing of all special areas and subjects prepared for the year. Evaluation the calendar and discover a specific concern where your topic would be a good fit. Then call the publication, request the name of the person who modifies that section, and writes or e-mail them with your story idea. Do these a number of months prior to the publication is printed.

Most significantly, unless you are calling the book reviewer, many media individuals don’t care what’s in between the covers of your book. They DO appreciate what’s inside your head, your know-how, and how you can help them. Bear in mind that, and you’re well on your method to lots of complimentary publicity.